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I am Dr. Eve Ramery. I am a veterinary clinical pathologist (Dipl. ECVCP & ACVP) and I love teaching. So I decided to make an online course to provide vets the skills they need to perform quality cytology in their own clinics.

Cytology is minimally invasive, and well tolerated by the animals. Properly executed, the risk is minimal. It does not require any fancy expensive material. Actually, in most cases, you only need needles, syringes, slides, stains, a microscope, and, of course, a trained veterinarian. Performed in house, you can get relevant answers in minutes.

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It contains 10 modules, including videos of 10-15 minutes, the corresponding pdf files to download, a quizz and a challenge to test yourself. A forum and a "comments" space are available to ask questions, give your opinion, and interact with colleagues. Subjects go from "How to choose your microscope?" to "How to recognise criteria of malignancies".